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What is the difference between a psychic and a medium??

Mediums connect with loved ones in spirit using all their senses to connect and bring forth messages from the other side. A spiritualist medium is different in that they look to prove the continuity of life through providing evidential information like names, places, objects, personality and physical traits, that they would not be privy to knowing about the person who has passed.

Psychics do not necessarily connect with loved ones but can connect to spirit guides, angels and the energy of the person getting the reading. They rely on their intuition to bring information on the past, present and future of the person getting the reading. They may use tarot cards, psychometry, crystal balls etc.

This past weekend was the 4 year anniversary of my father’s death. While we were not super close while he was living we now have a much closer relationship. I say often that we talk more now than we did when he was alive. December is a hard time of year for lots of people who have lost loved ones and miss them during the holidays. So my message is that there is no such thing as death, there is just another dimension that our loved ones live in. They are still close to us even though we can’t see or touch them. We all have the ability to connect with our loved ones who have passed over. We all have psychic abilities and can learn to connect with our loved ones as a medium too.

If you close your eyes and ask to feel them, smell, taste or hear them and then be open to whatever comes through your senses you can communicate with them. You can still speak to them, believe me they like to hear from you and they can still offer you support in your life now. You may hear them in your mind, your imagination; they may speak to you through your thoughts so pay attention to those thoughts. They want to help you, they want you to be happy and to remember them with fondness and love. Open your heart this holiday season to the wonders of the spirit world and let them fill your heart with love. Honor their memories and traditions this season and be grateful for the time you did have together. The spirit world loves to have their favorite meals, cookies or cakes made so make those cookies that remind you of mom. Drink that special drinks of Dad’s and do it in their honor. 


12/16/14 ~ Vicki Snyder

  • "Vicki did a great job and was very accurate. Another medium came through and their findings were consistent with Vicki's. Great job and very nice lady."
  • "Wow! What an amazing session! Thank you so much. You are a gift to me. I appreciate the words from my father. It has lessened my worries for my little ducks already. I feel ener..."
  • "Vick is a gifted psychic medium and kind and compassionate person! Don't hesitate to work with her!"
    Steve W.


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